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Tax Preparation Rates

as low as $100  and includes:
  • preparation of local, state and federal returns
  • electronic filing
  • responding to correspondence you might receive the government
  • writing official responses on your behalf
  • attending an audit with you (should that happen)

Turnaround Time

Within 48 hours, you will know if the IRS has accepted your return (if you have less than four W-2s and no additional schedules)

Common Tax Forms and Schedules

  • Schedule A (itemized deductions)
  • Schedule B (interest and dividends)
  • Schedule C (self employment)
  • Schedule D (investments)
  • Schedule EIC (earned income credit)
  • MI Property Tax Credit
  • MI Home Heating Credit 
These forms are not included in the $100 rate and will incur additional charges.  Rates are subject to change each tax year or may vary with an individual tax situation.