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How much does it cost?

posted Aug 8, 2009, 9:07 PM by Regina Thurston Hall   [ updated Aug 8, 2009, 9:40 PM ]
Pricing for web design at Thurston Consulting depends on what services you are actually receiving.  Most people will say, I was thinking about getting a website and wanted a ballpark figure.  The reason we don't readily quote a figure is that people don't understand that having a website entails infrastructure, web design, technical support and maintenance.  Thus having a website and asking for web design are not the same thing unless you have the other components in place before you ask for web design. Most people don't have these elements in place; however some do.
Also, you tend to pay for web design one time only and the end product belongs to the person who paid for the design.   The other elements tend to have a monthly or yearly cost.
Having said this, expect to pay at least $100 per year to have a website.   Is it possible to have a website for less than a $100 per year?  Yes, it is if you have the knowledge to pull this off and/or don't mind not having full control over your website.  We are aware of those methods but we don't support them and only use one or two elements ourselves.  It is worth our while to pay a yearly fee for the proper infrastructure and technical support so we recommend the same strategy for our clients - just on a smaller scale.